Kudos to Theresa Patton, Alexis Smith, the Services to Youth and International Trends and Services Facets for hosting the HBCU College Experience, on April 22, 2023, at Youth Uprising.  The purpose of the event was to introduce and share the HBCU experience with high school students.

Students registered and took a survey asking what they know abut HBCUs.  Following the survey they took a “passport photo” and completed their HBCU major “passports”. Students were then directed to different stations to get information.  The stations included the Celebrity HBCU Alumni Photo Booth, Studying Abroad, an HBCU Map, Financial Facts, Exit Survey, Tailgate Party with food and a DJ.  Alice Bell and Cynthia Cormier, designed and manned the Financial Facts station. All stations were interactive and students were very engaged with the content.  HBCU T-shirts and other prizes were raffled off along with the grand prize, a laptop.  Top Dog provided the hot dogs and our very own Phillip Smith served as the DJ.

Our laptop winner arrived at Youth Uprising sharing that she had no interest in attending an HBCU but her mother made her come to the event.  She left the event saying that she had no idea there were so many HBCUs and that some were located in Florida.  She also stated that she did not realize that HBCUs offered study abroad programs.

It was a beautiful and educational afternoon where students, parents, and OBAL members came together to enjoy the sun, music, food, and learn more about our HBCUs.  Thank you to the members who supported, planned, shopped, helped set up or clean up, and/or attended the event today:  Theresa Patton, Alexis Smith, Rhonda Burgess Mischeaux, Lauren Jennings, Shakeya A. McDow,  Marsha Peterson, Denise Smith, Alice Morris, and Theresa Clincy.

Thank you again to the STY and ITS Facets for a job well done!

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