Under the Leadership of Theresa Patton and  Alexis Smith, Chairs of our Services to Youth Facet and  International Trends and Services Facet we hosted a fantastic event at Youth Uprising.  This activity provided us with the opportunity to connect STEM to how the lack of electricity impacts students internationally.
The Oakland Bay Area (CA) Chapter partnered with Junior Achievement (JA) to make solar buddy kits with students from Youth Uprising.  The solar light kits will be sent to children who live in energy impoverished countries.  Following the assembly of the kits, students wrote letters to accompany the lights.  The letters will be delivered to the children that live in the countries that receive the solar lights.
Mary and Kate from JA facilitated the session.  Rhonda Burgess Mischeaux, Stephanie Green Crump, Denise Smith, Shakeya McDow, and Theresa Clincy, received training and were on hand to assist the students as needed.
The 15 students in attendance were engaged and excited about assembling the lights!
Thank you to Shakeya A. McDow for her vision and partnering us with JA.
Thank you to the members who purchased snacks, letter writing supplies and ensured they were delivered to YU:  Dorine Holsey Streeter, Kimberly Higgins Mays, Sabrina Brutus, Beryl Crumpton Potter, and Rachelle Hebrard.
This was a very powerful activity and there was a lot of positive energy in the room. The students expressed how much they enjoyed assembling the lights.  Their letters reflected an understanding of how much of an impact electricity makes on the quality of life.
Kudos STY and ITS for a job well done!!

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