Kudos to Regina Shields, Kimberley Goode, the Health and Human Services Committee and Theresa Patton, Services to Youth Chair, for their leadership in the implementation of our Kaiser Grant Objectives on Friday, December 17, 2021!  Groceries and sanitation equipment were distributed to the families at Youth Uprising, during their annual toy drive!
Due to our efforts 50 families received sanitation equipment and groceries that will provide nutritious meals while schools are closed during winter break.  Because we provided bags of food, Youth Uprising has a partner who is going to match our efforts, so that  a total of 100 families will receive food.
Families were very thankful and Youth Uprising staff expressed appreciation for our continued partnership and for our support of the community!
Thank you to the following members who helped make this event possible:
  •  Alice Morris, Christina Saddler, and Valerie Lewis McGee who shopped for the groceries.
  • Denise Eaton May who purchased the gift cards provided along with the groceries.
  • Regina Shields, Alice Morris, Christina Saddler, and Ava who organized and bagged the groceries.
  • Theresa Patton who assembled the sanitation equipment.
  • Jill Bornor Brown,  Melissa Vallas, Theresa Patton, and Regina Shields for distributing the groceries and PPE at Youth Uprising during the event.
Congratulations for a job well done!!
OBAL: Making a difference through Friendship and Service

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