A round of applause to the National Trends and Services (NTS) Facet led by Valarie Kelly and June Williams Glenn.  Our NTS Facet Committee hosted a fantastic workshop, on October 19, 2021, for the youth at Beyond Emancipation and Youth Uprising. The seminar, titled Know Your Rights, was engaging, informative and very relevant!
The afternoon began with a Welcome by Shakeya A. McDow.  Valarie Kelly awarded a raffle prize and administered the pre-survey questions prior to the first session, Police Interaction Rights.   Thad MacFarlane and Jasmine Dartez grounded their presentation using film clips from the movie, the Hate U Give.  They also shared a QR code that took participants to information, compiled by the ACLU, that provided more details about the rights of citizens who are stopped by the police.  The post session survey indicated our youth increased their knowledge about their rights when interacting with the police.
Shakeya A. McDow used a personalized spinning wheel to select the next winner of another raffle prize-an amazon gift card.
June Williams Glenn introduced the second session, Voting Rights.  She administered the pre-session survey questions and then introduced Michele Davenport who shared the history and importance of voting and the need to get into “good trouble”.  Following the awarding of the final raffle prize, Theresa Clincy provided closing remarks. Much appreciation to  Tracey Broadhead Frith for providing the tech support for the event.
Kudos to our NTS Facet for a job well done!
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