Congratulations to our 2nd Vice President of Programming Link Radonna Scott, our Chapter Voter Czar and NTS Facet Chair Link Valarie Kelly, and the entire NTS Facet Committee on a fantastic program last night with our community partner Elizabeth House.  This was OBAL’s first virtual program “Call to Action 2020, Our Voice, Our Vote” and NTS truly “Leveled Up!”

NTS dropped off program packets to the Elizabeth House Residents earlier in the day.  The program packets included:  voter information guides, voter registration instructions, voter resource guides, voter eligibility resources, registration deadlines, voter buttons, voting deadlines, and pre and post-program surveys.  A hot meal was delivered to the residents prior to the start of the program.
The program panelists were phenomenal.  Link Valarie ensured the Residents understood the power of their vote at the local, state and national level.  Link Michele was masterful with connecting the resident to the “Power” of the vote and encouraging them to use their “Power”.  The ask of the residents after the program concluded was to create a buzz in the “building” about voting.
The residents were engaged and asked very insightful questions.  The committee conducted two raffles during the program that the residents enjoyed along with their delicious meal.
This program truly aligns with our program:  #OBALBeyondBarriers – Bridging the Equity Divide.  Thank you to the NTS Facet Committee Members that were able to attend the program last night:  Links Valarie K., Michele D., Radonna, Terry M., Thad, Denise H., Karen, Theresa C., Kristen, Cherisse, and Jasmine.  The technical support from Link Cherisse was extraordinary.

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