MyClymonds High School, January 15, 2020

The program began with a lively panel discussion about the importance of voting and a high-level overview of the local political process.

The panelists included Alameda County District 5 Supervisor Keith Carson, Attorney and Civil Rights Activist/Leader Pamela Y. Price, and our own OBAL Sister Link, Alameda County Superior Court Judge Rhonda Burgess.   Also included in the program were representatives from the Alameda County voter registrar’s office, who shared sample voting ballots with the girls, then discussed who is eligible to vote, how often someone has to register to vote and what to do when it’s time to vote.

The highly engaging discussion prompted several questions from the Fly Girls about our national political parties, how policies and laws are made, and the impact on our community.  One of the biggest takeaways from the panel discussion was from Pamela Price when she reminded the Fly Girls that they need to have a “seat at the table” when it comes to policies that impact their daily lives and communities.

The program was a huge success and the girls were galvanized to learn more about how to engage in democracy on a local and national level. The program was is another important piece of our Chapter Program Theme:  #OBALBeyondBarriers – Making a Local and Global Impact.

The Committee organized a delicious meal from  Everett and Jones BBQ and each Fly Girl had the chance to participate in three raffles throughout the afternoon — each winning raffle ticket walked away with a gift card!

Thank you to all the OBAL Members that could attend and support the program:  Links Valarie K, Kelly, Radonna, Rhonda, Jasmine, Christina, Kristen, Cherisse, Terry M, Carolyn, Terri P, Michele D, Loraine, Juliette, Rosemary, Charlene, Kimberly & Karen.

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