Thank you to the leadership of our International Trends & Services (ITS) Facet Co-Chairs, Link Marsha and Link Alexis, and all of the ITS Facet Committee members for a fabulous program on Monday, March 15th. As an acknowledgment of Women’s History Month, the committee created a program “Women Who Lead” for the residents of Elizabeth House.
Dinner was delivered to the residents before the program began.  Link Marsha welcomed the residents and spoke of the importance of Women’s History and Link Alexis shared a video about international women leaders.  Link Sonja & Link Rachelle lead an ice breaker asking each resident “Who is a woman you admire, and why?”  The thread in common was Mothers and a variety of other women from Tiffany Haddish to Michelle Obama.  Their responses were well thought out and you could “feel” the significance of their answers.
Link Alexis led a “Women Who Lead” bingo game, complete with “semi-valuable” prizes.  The conversation was lively and the residents learned about historic women from around the world.
The ITS Committee donated books about international female leaders to the Elizabeth House library and well as books for their children’s library.  Additionally, a Peters Projection Map was donated to the house.  This map shows the correct sizes of countries around the world.  The residents were fascinated about the size of Africa compared to that of the United States on the map.  They also commented they didn’t know there were so many female world leaders compared to those in the United States.
OBAL continues to provide great programs to our community, “Links Leveling Up”.

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