Kudos to Alexis Smith and the International Trends and Services (ITS) Facet Committee for facilitating a lively and educational workshop focused on Global Awareness!  On November 10, 2021, 19 students from Youth Uprising attended the Workshop titled Sowing Seeds for Success: Going Global.  Theresa Clincy provided a welcome and Alexis Smith introduced the session with a Kahoot game that included a few pre-assessment survey questions.  Prizes were awarded to the top three winners.
Sonja Johnson Williams, Marsha Peterson, and Winnie Smith shared their experiences traveling and studying abroad in Ghana, Kenya, and Austria.  Winnie Smith also reviewed the steps needed to apply for a passport and Val Barnett shared travel dos and don’ts.  Our presentation also included COVID-19 safety tips to consider when traveling abroad.  The workshop concluded with Alexis Smith engaging our participants in another Kahoot game that included a post-session assessment and prizes were awarded to the top 5 respondents.
This was our first Hybrid session, while conducting the workshop via Zoom, Shakeya A. McDow and Lauren Jennings were at Youth Uprising providing additional context for the students.  They delivered the snacks, passed around a real passport, and distributed the passport application in real time.
Participant feedback indicated that the students and staff really enjoyed and appreciated our workshop!
Our programming is on a roll!  Great job ITS!!!
OBAL is continuing to make a difference through Friendship and Service.

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