Congratulations to our Chair, Loraine Binion Hardy and the Celebration of Excellence (COE) Committee for hosting a fabulous Scholarship Program on April 23, 2023.

The virtual event began with a welcome by Loraine Binion Hardy.  Theresa Clincy provided an overview of the history of OBAL and our COE program.  After a video of Lift Every Voice and Sing, sung by Rev. Wintley Phipps, Kimberley Goode, facilitated an excellent panel discussion with two college students, Liana Parrish, a former COE recipient and our very own Brandon Frith.  The students shared their growth as college students, experiences at college and some of the factors they considered when selecting a campus.  Our scholarship recipients were engaged and asked some thoughtful questions during the panel discussion.  Following the panel presentation, Loraine Binion Hardy presented our eight (8) scholarship recipients and Theresa Clincy provided closing remarks.

Thank you to Carol Williams and the Carol H. Williams Advertising staff for the continued support they provide to our COE program.  Thank you to Tracey Broadhead Frith for providing technology support during the event. Thank you to Kimberley Goode for serving as the panel’s facilitator and to Brandon Frith and Liana Parrish for serving on the panel today.

Much appreciation to the members who supported the COE process by updating the website, monitoring the scholarship applications, scoring applications, writing student bios, shopping, obtaining resolutions, making certificates and supporting the development and implementation of the program:  Loraine Binion Hardy, Tracey Broadhead Frith, Denise Smith, Terry Mosley, Teresa Duncan Cox, Rhonda Burgess Mischeaux, Kimberley Goode, Christina Saddler, Michele Davenport, Alice Morris, Marsha Peterson, Winnie Smith, Valerie Lewis McGee, Alexis Smith, Diane Harris Wilson, Denise Eaton May, Carole Bell Rogers, Carol Williams, and Theresa Clincy.

Thank you to the members who attended the virtual COE program today: Link Loraine Binion Hardy, Link Kimberley Goode, Terry Mosley, Rhonda Burgess Mischeaux, Jessica Hebert, Alice Morris, Marsha Peterson, Denise Smith, Sheelah Hogg, Michele Davenport, Tracey Broadhead Frith, Valarie Kelly, and Theresa Clincy.

Congratulations again to Loraine Binion Hardy and the COE Committee for a job well done!

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