SOW: Photography

Oakland Bay Area Chapter of The Links, Incorporated 61st Annual Cotillion

Scope of Work (SOW) for Photography Services

PURPOSE: The Purpose of this document is to provide a clear understanding of services needed, and to request a bid for Photography services only, in relationship to and in connection with the Oakland Bay Area Chapter of The Links, Incorporated’s (OBAL) 61st Annual Cotillion. Your response does not constitute a contract. The services described below are continuing up through, including and subsequent to the Links 61st Cotillion, which will be held at the San Francisco Marriot Hotel, Saturday, February 26, 2022. Please read this Scope of Work carefully and state your price in the area indicated. No fax or electronic copies will be accepted. Inquiries are to be directed to Sabrina Brutus no later than October 1, 2021 via email at:

The Links will award the final contract based on the following criteria so, please address these components in your response.

1. Debutantes- One (1) formal black & white 8×10 head & shoulder portrait of each individual Debutante
2. Escorts- One (1) formal black & white head & shoulder portrait of each individual Escort
3. Each subject will select a favorite pose from three (3) poses.
4. Retakes or any of the following enhancements are available for an additional fee to be paid by the individuals:
a) Basic retouching, e.g. removal of eye bags and minor
blemishes should be available for each picture.
b) Complex artwork, e.g. removal of eyeglass glare,
braces, suntan or bra marks on shoulders, major
blemishes, stray hairs, etc. should be available. 5. Selection of final images for the souvenir journal shall take five (5) weeks before publication deadline (TBA) for images to be retouched and three (3) weeks before publication deadline for portraits without retouching. The OBAL representative will communicate the production deadlines prior to the commencement of photography services.
6. Formal drapes and tuxedo jackets for Debutantes and Escorts of average size shall be provided.
7. Photographer may enter into separate purchase agreements with Debutante and Escort families for additional photography services and portrait packages, but is responsible for all arrangements associated with any separate agreements.
8. Portrait packages and prices shall be reviewed by OBAL prior to release to Debutante and Escort families.
9. Portrait package price lists shall be provided to the Debutante and Escort families prior to scheduling any portrait sittings.
10. All portrait packages/albums shall be delivered to the purchaser within 60 days of the completion of services.
11. The cost of the souvenir journal portraits includes labor, materials, studio time, processing and delivery of prints and all applicable state sales taxes.
12. A CD or flash drive of all completed souvenir journal pictures shall be provided to the OBAL typesetter by a designated date. The process and timeline will be provided by the OBAL representative.

NOTE: This section pertains to photography on the evening of the Cotillion event which is scheduled to be held on Saturday, February 26, 2022, at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel. Photography session commences prior to the formal Cotillion program.
1. Between 3:30pm and 6:00pm individual, group and family studio photography sessions shall be provided on site for each Debutante family. An OBAL representative shall provide a location within the hotel for setup.
2. Coordination with the Cotillion Production Manager should occur to ensure and, if necessary, secure adequate power for photographic equipment, e.g., additional power drops.
3. Coordinate with Debutante families to pre-schedule the pre-event photography sessions. The Debutante families shall pay deposits at the time the appointment is scheduled. Debutante family shall pay all fees, all sitting fees and associated costs. All fees shall be disclosed to the Debutante family in advance. All Debutantes must have ALL FAMILY MEMBERS PRESENT TO COMMENCE PHOTO SESSION OR MUST RESCHEDULE. PHOTO SESSION WILL NOT BE DELAYED TO ALLOW FOR ARRIVAL OF INDIVIDUAL FAMILY MEMBERS. No appointments will be scheduled after 6:00pm. Photo sessions will end promptly at 6:00 pm. NO EXCEPTIONS.
4. Individual Debutante, group and family poses shall not exceed seven (7) portrait poses per Debutante family. Selections shall be limited to any of the following poses: Debutante; Debutante and parent(s); Debutante, her parent(s) and sibling(s); Debutante and Escort; Escort and his parent(s); Debutante, Escort and both of their parents; and entire group associated with Debutante.
5. Incomplete photography sessions of the seven (7) poses mentioned above must be rescheduled after the Cotillion presentation and post-Cotillion group photographs, described below. Additional poses shall also be scheduled following the Cotillion presentation and after the post-Cotillion group photographs.
6. During the presentation – program candid shots include, but are not limited to:
a) Debutante entry
b) Debutante’s first bow on stage
c) Debutante’s first curtsey with Father (Presenter)
d) Exchange between Mother and Debutante
e) Lead off with Escort
f) Curtsey with Escort
g) Debutante Dance
h) Escort and Debutante Dance
i) Debutante Dance with Father (Presenter)
Post- Cotillion Program – Order of Photography
a) Debutante Group Photo
b) Escort Group Photo
c) Debutante and Escort Group Photo
d) OBAL Group Photo
7. OBAL shall provide a list of Debutante and Escort names, email addresses, and telephone numbers to arrange dissemination of additional photographic information to arrange appointments (e.g. additional photographs, review, purchase, etc.) for additional photographs.
8. Cotillion and Cotillion related photographs, excluding family prearranged packages, are the sole property of OBAL. Photographs may not be used for any purpose without the express authorization of OBAL.

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