Below you will find the directions on how to track your hours by simply using a free app on your phone!! WOO HOO!! No more PAPER 🙂

Please follow the instructions below. If you run into a problem, Link Sabrina or Link Jasmine are available to help.

Note: This app works with both android and apple devices. You must know your apple ID password.
Track It Forward Instructions
To get started, an account will be created for you within the Track It Forward website. You will receive an email from Track It Forward with instructions on how to finish setting up your account. The subject of the email will read, “Account created to track your volunteer hours for OBAL.” Open the email, click on the link, and it will take you to the window.
Select “Log In,” the orange button at the bottom. It will open a window where you need to create a password. After creating your password select “Save.”

After saving, your account will be up and running! It will take you directly to the “Log Hours” window, which is the screen where you will enter your hours every time you volunteer.
Logging Your Hours

There are multiple ways you can access the system to record your hours:

From your iPad or cell phone via the app.
Access the App Store on your Apple device, search for “Volunteer Time Tracking.” The icon looks like a green tree made of people, and the publisher is Our Volts.Download the free app. Inline image 9

If your phone is NOT an iPhone you can download the app from Play Store (Google Play), searching for the same app as above. Open the app and sign in!

From your home computer, lap top, cell phone, or tablet via the website. Go to On the home page, select “Sign In” in the top right corner. Enter your email and password, and then select “Log In.” You will see the following page. Click the button “Log Hours,” it will take you to the “Log Hours” screen.

Once you have signed in logging your hours is very simple; select the number of hours you volunteered (you must log hours in increments of one half hour, so you will need to round off to the nearest hour/half hour), select your activity from the drop down list, leave a note (optional), and then click submit!

Thank you for your file upload.